Sing on!

Oscar-winning singer Elisa Lopez, who has been starring in Disney animated films since 2012’s Cinderella, will be the star of a new Disney film about a group of kids who go on a road trip in search of love.

Lopez, whose voice is so distinctive, will play a teenage girl named Rose, who will soon be dating a boy named Ben.

She will play Rose’s sister, Marissa, and will play her best friend, Lola, who is in a romantic relationship with Ben.

The movie, called Song, is scheduled to be released in 2019.

It’s a romantic comedy about a family in search for love, a new musical with Lopez, and the songs that come with it.

She plays a teenager named Rose.

She sings opera songs.

And she’s a great actress.

I’m thrilled.

We’ve been in talks for years.

I was thinking about singing in Disney’s musicals.

The singing was such a big part of my life growing up.

The song, a collaboration between Lopez and a team of musicians from the Los Angeles Opera, will make its world premiere at the San Diego Opera House in May.

“I had no idea that the world would come to me,” Lopez said in a statement.

“The song is so different from anything I’ve done before.

It is the first time I’ve sung a Disney song in front of an audience.

I am so grateful to the Los Angelenos for supporting this project.”

I think the world will come to Rose.

It just comes down to music, and singing.

That’s what she’s always been about.

I think everyone will feel the love for Rose and the way she sings.

The film will star Lola and Ben, who are a couple.

The couple will also have a relationship with a man named Sam.

The project is being co-produced by Lopez, composer Mike Fuchs, and Broadway veteran Jeff Rosenstock.

The music for Song is being composed by Lopez’s husband, Tony Lopez, with music by Tony’s son, Michael.

Lopez said the musical is not set in a musical setting.

The characters, the story, the music, all will be based on real-life experiences, but there’s no set plot for the movie.

“There’s no way to tell in the movie what happens to the characters or what the story is,” Lopez told NPR in an interview.

“It’s all up to you.”

The film is set in 2019 and is being produced by the Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Group, which also includes DreamWorks Animation, DreamWorks Classics, and Imagineering.

It will have its world premier at the Los Dolores Opera House on May 14, 2019.

The opera singer, who won a Golden Globe for Best Solo Performance in 2014, has a songbook for Song.

“This is a wonderful musical, which has an extraordinary and richly inspired story that explores the complexities of growing up and the longing for love and longing for family,” Lopez, a former singer and actor, said in the statement.

I have to say that I was very excited to see this project come together and be made into a film that has the same spirit and spirit that I’ve been exploring for years.

“I have such high hopes for this project, Lopez said.

It feels so much like the movie I’ve always wanted to see and the musical that I have been working on for years, so to finally get to see the movie is the ultimate joy.” “

To be able to see myself and this beautiful, talented actress in this wonderful role, that I’m so happy to be part of, is the most beautiful thing.

It feels so much like the movie I’ve always wanted to see and the musical that I have been working on for years, so to finally get to see the movie is the ultimate joy.”

The musical will be a musical with lyrics written by Lopez.

“Song is a musical that is rooted in love, that is filled with joy, that reflects the complexity of life and the struggles of finding the right partner,” Lopez wrote in a press release.

“A new musical that has a story of growing into a young woman, and a young man, that’s filled with romance and a love of music.

This is a love story about finding love, and finding happiness.”

The opera star also said she has a number of musical plans.

“In addition to singing in this film, I have a number in the works for a new opera,” she said.

“But these are all personal projects, so I’m not sure when they’ll come together.”

The movie stars Lopez, from Broadway’s The Wiz, who also stars in the animated Disney movie The Lion King.

The musical, directed by John Landis and produced by Michael Eisner and Simon Cowell, will premiere in 2018.

The Lion Kingdom is a Disney theme park and has a line of attractions that can be seen in many different languages.

It opened in 2014.

Lopez was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for Song in 2015.

The actress said she was thrilled