A masked singer has shared an inspiring message on Facebook for her mother who has struggled with the concept of transgender identity.

Wendys Mask is a young, black transgender woman who performs as a singer, singer-songwriter and choreographer.

She’s been performing for several years in the UK and in India.

“Mommy, I’m a transgender man,” she said on Facebook.

“I’m a performer and I don’t feel I belong to myself.

I’m proud to be myself.”

The video she shared with her mother is a tribute to her grandmother, a famous dancer and dancer’s mother, who had to undergo gender reassignment surgery.

Wendi Mask was born a girl in India in 1970.

She began performing as a teenager in London, but struggled to find her identity.

“I would often be walking to school or going out to dance clubs with my friends and we’d get teased about it,” she told The Daily Mail.

“We would get picked on, bullied, called names, we were all labelled as different.”

And my mother would just be like, ‘Why are you talking about it?’.

“So I just took it in stride.

I just thought, ‘I’m just a performer, and I’m happy.'”

Wendi said her mother had an emotional reaction to the video when she saw it on Facebook and posted it to her Facebook page.

“She said, ‘Oh, my God, your mom just shared a video of you singing a song with your mother.

That’s amazing!'” she said.

“So I thought to myself, ‘It’s alright, Mommy.

It’s alright.'”

The video of her mother sharing it has now been shared more than 2.5 million times on Facebook, with more than two million shares.

The song was originally meant for the birthday of her grandmother and it’s been shared thousands of times since then.

“My mother has been fighting with this for the past five years,” said Wendi.

“She had to have surgery because she was born with male chromosomes and she had to get her breasts and have surgery to get them made and all this other stuff.”

“It just made me realise that she’s never had the courage to just talk to her mum and tell her that this is who she is and she can be who she wants to be.”

The mask video has been shared hundreds of times on YouTube, and the mother has received positive comments from other users.

“The way she talks to me, she really means it,” said the mother.

“It’s not like I’m trying to say she’s gay or anything.

She really means what she says.”

The mother said she had already been approached by other families to try and raise awareness of the plight of transgender children and teenagers.

“So we’ve also been contacted by some other families that have transgender children,” she explained.

“But they’ve told us that it’s not their child.”

The mum also told The Times of India that her daughter had also received death threats.

“But this is what she has been taught in her school and school is just a place to be.

And she’s had to do this because she is a performer.

I don`t want to do anything like that to her.”

The parents are hopeful that more people will see the video and take action.

“For the sake of all transgender people, we need to see that this person is a true star,” said Wong.

“If we don’t, we will never see any change.”