Brady Smith, the singer and songwriter who made his name with the “Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame” induction video, has died at age 40.

He was born in Louisville, Kentucky in 1932 and was raised in the Midwest before moving to Chicago, where he lived until he began his career in 1970.

He played in the band the Byrds, which he formed with the band’s drummer, Phil Lesh, and the late songwriter and producer, Pete Townshend.

Smith also co-wrote and performed with the late singer-songwriter and pianist John Coltrane, whom he met while working on their 1963 album “Buddy Holly.”

The group, “Lonesome Dove,” recorded and released a single and two albums.

Smith was inducted into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall-of-Fame on Thursday.

Smith had previously been inducted in the 2017 class of the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, and in 2017 he received the Presidential Medal Of Freedom.

Smith’s wife, Tami, said in a statement that he was in the hospital, but they could not immediately confirm his death.

She added that he “will be remembered for his extraordinary musical talents and artistic spirit, and for his tireless work with his fans, both locally and around the world.”