With a new album out in December, Celeste singer-songwriter Celeste has had a busy few months.

She recently released her fourth album, and she’s just been promoted to singer-bassist for the band, as well as a producer.

It’s not a surprise that Celeste’s been singing a lot lately, since she’s been releasing songs with the group in various formats.

And in addition to her new album, Celestes newest single is “I Can’t Stop.”

In a new interview with Ars Technicas’ Andrew Leopold, Celestine sings, “I can’t stop singing.”

I guess this means she’s a pretty good singer.

Celeste told Leopolds that the song is about being a good listener and being able to listen to the people who you care about, and not just people you know.

It really is about having a good time with friends, having a laugh, and just having a lot of fun.

It also is about not judging people, and you can’t really judge people.

“I know a lot people, when I hear that I just get very happy,” she told LeOPold.

“It just gives me so much joy.”

She also told Leipold that “when I sing it makes me feel good.”

She said the song was originally written when she was younger, but it’s gotten a lot better over the years.

“There are certain people that you can only listen to, but you can also listen to them with other people,” she said.

“When I sing the song, I really get in touch with the people I love, because they are all in the same boat, and that’s why I feel so happy.”

Celeste also said she has a few other songs in the works that will be released this year.

She’s currently working on her second album, but she did not say when those might be released.

Celestine has been working with her producer, Josh Dennison, on some new music, including the song “I Know a Lot About You.”

Celestine said, “Josh has been really helping me to make songs.

He’s been really encouraging me to keep going.”

She added that the album will have “different sounds and different parts to it, but all the things that I think are so important for a song, that I feel like I want to write about, he’s really helped me to do that.”

Celesté has also shared some other recent work.

The singer wrote a song for a film about her life that was released this month.

The film follows Celeste as she transitions from a teenager to an adult, and the singer also shared a new song that she recorded for the film, titled “My Baby.”

Celesta told Ars Technics that the songs on the new album are not necessarily going to be her most popular songs.

“We want to do more pop and pop and EDM, so I can’t say that my biggest songs are going to get a lot more listens than other people’s songs,” she added.

“But my favorite songs are definitely going to come from a mix of different genres, and I really want to see those songs be popular.”

Celes new album is out in early 2017.

It will be out on iTunes and on Amazon.

The full interview with Celeste is available on Ars Technicas website, and it’s worth checking out for a more in-depth look at her new music and the band she joined.

Celeste is a rising star in the world of singing, but I guess it’s not so surprising that she’s found herself in a lot less of a spotlight than her fellow singers in this genre.