Hardy singer Chris Martin has been announced as the new Australian rock superstar.

He will take over from his mentor and fellow singer-songwriter Matt Gourley in 2019.

Gourry has recently been named one of the “50 best Australian artists of the year” by the Guardian.

His debut album, The Great Australian Dream, has been described as “rock-solid” and “truly a triumph”.

Gourries songwriting and singing have been recognised for their ability to push the boundaries of genre and musical style.

His first album, Hardy, is the first of two he is expected to release in 2019 that he is planning to tour. 

Gourry said in a statement that he was “delighted to be joining such a great and passionate group of musicians in such an exciting and innovative time for the industry”.

“It’s been an incredible privilege to have worked with such a talented group of talented musicians and I look forward to working with them in the future.”

The announcement was made by Hardy’s manager Andrew Wilson, in a tweet.

The band has also released a new single called “The Great Australian Sound”.

It features former Hardy bandmate Josh Groban, who is also the singer of the rock band Hardie.

Hardy released its debut album The Great American Dream in 2014 and has since toured extensively. 

The band’s latest release, The Good Life, is out now on CD, vinyl and cassette. 

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