In the first of a two-part series, IGN takes a look at the new music from Prince, and discusses what it means to be a Prince fan.

Prince’s latest album, We’re So Terrible, has been described as a love letter to his fans.

It’s the story of his love for the music industry, his love of art, and his love to the music that made him famous.

The record is about Prince’s life and career and has a lot to say about his personal and artistic journey.

The songwriting is at the forefront of the record, and the beats are top notch.

The lyrics are often poignant, and there’s also a great focus on the emotional core of the album.

The title track is a great song to get stuck in.

The intro is a beautiful ballad that touches on a lot of things Prince has always been known for, including his love affair with his father, Prince, who was born in Canada.

The track has a strong Prince-influenced production that sounds like it came straight out of a Prince video.

The album is full of songs that are both lyrical and personal.

The title track, for example, is about how much he misses his father and how much it means that he loves his father.

The music is also full of Prince’s personal stories.

The album features songs from his childhood, including the songs “Love Me Do” and “I Can’t Stand Being Around You.”

Prince has said that the music on the record was written for him.

It is a personal record, not just about his career, but about the life he has lived.

This song is about the song “I Need Your Love,” which Prince wrote for his then-girlfriend, singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse.

The record features songs about the love he felt for her.

The opening line is “I love you / I’m gonna take you / We’re so tired of yours.”

There is a lot on the line about the music and the way it changes, but this is the first time we hear it.

I know I’m going to write songs like this for you.

I know I can write that song, but it’s a song I’ve been wanting to write for a long time.

I feel like I need to write something that feels real.

The fact that this is one of the first songs on this record, it’s not just a song.

It feels real, but I also want it to be one of those songs that is personal.

I want it so bad.

The other thing is, I don’t know what the title is going to be.

I don´t know.

It´s not like a song, I guess.

It could be an actual song.

I would like to write a song that I really want to write, and I don`t want to have it be, “We’re so Terrible.”

It should be a song about love.

And I love that I have to say that.

The second track, “I Love You, Too,” is a song from the new record that is very personal.

It has a very Prince-esque feel to it.

I love how the beats feel and how it sounds like the first song on the album, “Love Is a Warm Place.”

It is very beautiful.

It was written to be sung.

The third track, titled “You’ve Got a Little Light In Your Eyes,” is an instrumental that Prince has never been known to perform live.

I think it is one that Prince would have loved to perform.

He would have been really proud to have the crowd sing along to this.

The songs are all about the pain he has experienced and how he has come to terms with it.

This is one song that he has never written.

The vocals on this song are very powerful.

I’m feeling that we are all in pain, baby.

It really is.

I want you to know that the love that you have for me is so strong.

And you can tell that it is because I have this love in me that you are so strong, and that you love me, and we love each other.

This song is very emotional and very beautiful and I love it.

The fourth track, entitled “Losing My Religion,” is about love and death.

It deals with the fact that Prince lost his religion.

I really love the lyrics on this one.

It reminds me of a song he wrote for me a long, long time ago.

It tells me that we need to be strong and stay strong, because the world is not ready for us, and Prince is the one that we can count on.

The second song is called “No One.”

It really hits the nail on the head.

This one is very spiritual, and it has a Prince-like feel to the album and the lyrics.

I also love that