You are a human being who is dying, and you need to die.

It is very sad.

But you also know you will not die without a song.

If you ever thought you had lost the ability to sing, this is a song you have never had to die without.

In a time when we are living in an age where technology and computers are transforming our lives, it is time for you to take your music with you to the grave.

You will need the lyrics of your life story.

You need the words of the songs you love.

You know who you are.

You love the way you were.

You are an artist.

Your music will have the power to give you a sense of life.

You do not need to live with your heartbroken.

You can be with your friend and sing along to a song with them.

You could have a conversation with your friends.

You have a voice that will give you hope and love.

This is the story of your journey.

You want to be a voice of hope and joy.

You don’t need to be perfect.

Your singing is your message.

This will give your heart hope, lift you up and lift you out of your despair.

Your voice can be a beacon for people to hear your voice.

If someone is struggling with cancer, a voice will be there to say that they are loved and that they will be able to move forward and find their strength again.

A voice will tell them that they can turn the tide.

You sing for your friends, family and community.

You may need to sing in a choir, sing at a church, sing on the beach, sing in the kitchen, sing during a movie, sing while driving, sing to your dog or your cat, or even sing in front of your TV or computer screen.

It’s time for your voice to be heard.

There is a time and place for every type of song.

You might need to play a ballad at a ballgame, sing a duet with a friend, sing with a choir.

Whatever the situation, you will need to find a song that will lift you to your feet, lift your heart and lift your soul.

You should sing along with your loved ones, or listen to a friend sing the song to you.

When you are singing, you should be singing in a way that they understand.

You probably have the voice, but it does not have to be the way they think.

The way you sing will be a way for them to know that you love them and they will always have a place in your heart.

You cannot change the way someone thinks, the way your friends think, or the way that a doctor thinks, but you can change the songs they sing.

You never have to sing the wrong song.

Some people say, “You will never get it, but maybe you can find a way to do it in your own life.”

I think you can.

You just need to know the words to your song.

There are songs out there that are more powerful than others.

They have words that will uplift you and you will be grateful for them.

Let’s start with the ones that have your best interests at heart.

They will help you reach out to people that are hurting, or that are in pain, and tell you that you are loved.

These songs can make you feel like you have a home.

You’re not alone.

Let the music do the rest.

You also need to do something to help the people that love you.

You were once loved and loved again, and your voice is there to make you happy.

Let your voice be the strength you need.

I can help you sing your own song.

I am the voice of my mother, my grandmother and my aunt.

My mother has cancer and her singing is so important.

My grandmother has cancer.

My aunt has cancer too.

When I sing, I am a voice for them and for my sisters and my brothers and my grandmothers.

The more people I sing with, the more people know who I am and what I do.

It gives me strength to talk about my story and share my stories.

I want to sing this song for them as well.

If I sing a song in my own song, then I am singing in my mom’s song.

My song is about my mother and my sister.

It goes like this: I am your mother, I have cancer and I sing.

It says, “I know that it will never go away, but I know that if I sing this, my voice will lift up the world and my mother will find peace again.”

My song tells my mother I am yours.

My voice tells my grandmother that I am her mother.

It makes her feel that she is loved and I know this because I know her.

It tells her that I will be back, that I love her, that it’s okay to love someone you love, that you can never let her go.