It’s a strange one.

What you might have expected to hear about the singer in the wake of the Manchester Arena bombing is what you’d expect to hear.

The man, named by The Sun as Ernie Johnson, was performing at a gig in Manchester on Saturday when he became the victim of what is believed to be the first known terrorist attack in the UK in nearly 70 years.

It’s not the first time Johnson has been the victim in this manner.

A similar attack on a Manchester shopping centre in 2009 was also claimed by Johnson.

However, in both instances he was a masked performer.

The attack on the shopping centre, in Manchester, left 52 people dead, and the masked performer was injured.

Johnson has not commented publicly about his ordeal and his whereabouts are unknown.

What’s more, he is currently being treated at a Manchester hospital for his injuries.

Johnson’s actions on Saturday were apparently not his first.

He appeared on the same stage on February 5, 2015, performing on the band The Misfits, a band who has a strong link to the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL).

The band was one of many bands who performed on the night of the attack, but it was the first to announce Johnson’s death.

The Misanthrope is one of the UK’s largest Islamic metal bands, whose members include former Isis fighters, including one who, at the time of the incident, had been killed in Syria.

The group released a statement to the press announcing the death of the masked artist, but its contents remain unclear.

A statement released by the band in February 2016 claimed the attack was an act of terrorism and condemned the Manchester attack, which killed 52 people and injured over 300.

The statement said: We will always stand up for our people and the rights of all.

It has been an absolute pleasure to play the last concert with The Misticrope.

However we are heartbroken that Ernie was a victim of terrorism.

A full statement on the Misticros Facebook page is also still unknown, although it has been confirmed that the band has severed all ties with Johnson.

The Manchester attack has also left a deep mark on the Manchester music scene, with the music scene itself experiencing a drastic shift in its focus in recent years.

Earlier this year, the Misanthrope released a video for a song called “The Fall of the House of Lords”, which featured a young Muslim man in a black mask who appears to be speaking to the camera.

The video was widely criticised by Muslims and many found it distasteful.

In the aftermath of the bombing, the Manchester City Council issued a statement which read: It is with profound sadness that we are able to confirm that the Manchester United FC supporters club has confirmed that Erwin Johnson was killed in the Manchester arena attack.

The City of Manchester has been informed that Ervin Johnson, a member of the club’s Manchester United supporters club, died in the Arena attack.

Erwin died on Saturday at Manchester General Hospital after being treated for injuries sustained in the attack.

It is believed that Errin was one the victims in the terror attack in Manchester in March 2017, but police have not confirmed this.

In his statement, The Mismeans band, which is based in Sheffield, said Johnson’s life was “destroyed by the senseless actions of terrorists”.

Johnson’s manager, Sam Roberts, told the BBC that Johnson was one a young, talented musician who “was not in it to be a terrorist, he was in it for music and a good time”.

Johnson had also performed alongside the likes of Lorde, the Black Eyed Peas, and Florence + The Machine.

Johnson, who has no criminal record, had previously worked as a DJ in Sheffield and in 2012 was nominated for a Young Artist Award by Sheffield United FC.

The band, whose album “No Surprises” was nominated in 2016, released its second studio album, “Dangerous Liaisons”, in November 2018.