A new Spanish competition is attracting attention for its high-stakes scoring.

The new competition, “La Castellana,” is taking place on July 31 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The aim of the contest is to see who can sing the most songs in Spanish. 

The competition is taking part in the annual La Castellanas Festival.

The event is organized by a non-profit group called La Castello di Buenos Aires (La Castello for Castellans), which focuses on the preservation and promotion of Castellan culture.

It has also taken part in other cultural events in the city. 

It is a new contest in Argentina.

This year, Castellano’s Castellancos and Castellanos are taking part. 

“It is very special because it is the first time that Castellanes and Castells have been singing in Spanish together,” said Elena Castello, a singer and performer who is also a member of La Castella. 

She said the event is being hosted by the Argentinean Chamber of Commerce and the Argentine Institute of Art. 

La Castella is a group of singers who sing for the city of Buenos Aires. 

According to its website, the festival is open to the public and all Castellones and Castelanos who want to participate can attend. 

Castellanos, or “Coyotes” or “Liones,” are traditionally the most popular singers in Argentina and are known for their high-pitched voices.

They sing at weddings, weddings, and other special occasions. 

This year, they were also chosen to sing in the new “La Canto del Castellonas,” a competition that was created in 2013 by La Castellión, which is part of the Buenos Aires Chamber of Government and Industry. 

A few weeks ago, the event took place in Buenos Aries. 

In the “La Chorrera,” the song that was played in the competition, a young man named Angelino was asked to sing the song.

He was a very good singer and he was singing with great passion.

He didn’t get the honor because he was a teenager. 

As the competition is going on, Castello has decided to play several new songs in the next two weeks.

“There will be other songs that will be sung,” Castello said. 

He added that the Castellanias are not expecting much competition from other singers. 

They are looking forward to the challenge of singing with all the skills that they have. 

I am very happy and I am going to take the opportunity to perform, said Angelino, who was dressed in a white shirt, white pants, black boots and a yellow jacket.