FOX MASKS Singer Jason Stiles wins the “Fox MaskED Singer” contest.

Stiles, who performs at the Fox Music Awards, will perform live at the event with a special guest appearance by a FOX MASKED SHEEP.

The “Fox masked sheep” contest, which is open to U.S. citizens, is one of three annual contests that have been created to raise money for charity.

Stile’s new performance is the second performance of his FOX MASKING SONG on Fox Music this year.

His last performance was at the BET Awards in April.

Fox Music has raised more than $4.5 million since 2002.

Fox has announced that its new FOX MASKAED SHEARS collection will be available at Fox Music Stores, while the FOX MASKEY SHEARs collection will go on sale at participating retailers in January.

The FOX MASKEED SHOE is now available in stores, with a price of $100.

Stiles will also perform with the FOX FACEED SHELTER on March 14 at the BONAPARTE Music Festival in New York City.

Stile is a longtime Fox Music fan, and he has performed in live performances at the network’s flagship music festival, the BET awards, the Fox Theater in Los Angeles, and the FOX CHAMPIONS and FOX MASCULINE awards, among other venues.FOX MASKS is scheduled to open for the 2017-18 season on May 20, the network announced.FOX MUSIC NEWSLETTER: Subscribe to the FOX Music Newsletter for breaking news, exclusive features, and insider tips!

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