Beyoncé is set to release her album Blurred Lines on September 22 via Warner Bros. It’s her first new studio album in four years, after she released her sophomore album Lemonade in 2015.

But the album’s title, and its title track, are both references to her 2013 debut album, Lemonade, which she also produced and produced and recorded.

Here’s a look at some of the lyrics and tracklist.

Lyrics: Beyoncé “Blurred lines/I’m so black/Blurred line/I can feel it/I feel it everywhere” The title track: “I’m feeling the light/I see it in the shadows” “Blurry lines/Lemonade was the best thing ever/It made me feel the same/It was my life” “The first time I heard Blurred lines” The track starts out as a simple piano ballad, but quickly evolves into a haunting, emotional track.

Beyoncé explains, “I wanted to be honest with myself, and I wanted to express how much I love these songs, but it’s also a really emotional song because it’s so dark.”

“I want to give the world this song that I wrote and that I did this song with my brother,” she says, “and the fact that it’s my song is just really amazing to me.”

The lyrics: “Blurr lines/The light is so bright/Blur lines/My eyes are bleary/The lines/They’ve got me bleeding/I’ve got no words to describe it” “I see the light everywhere/I think I’m so dark/I know I’m the light” “But there’s no words” The chorus: “But I can feel you/But you’re still mine” “It’s so beautiful to me” “To know you are/And not know me” Beyoncé sings, “It makes me feel like I’m all I ever wanted.”

“It gives me strength/I need to live/I needed a song to say it to you.”

“But when I feel like you’re gone/I want you to stay/I was born to be strong/I love you and you love me” (in the first verse, “But it makes me strong/ I need to survive/ I needed a tune to say this to you.”)

“I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to put the words in that I can’t explain/ It’s so hard to express the emotions I feel, because it feels so real,” she continues.

“I love this song.

It makes me so happy.”

Here’s the full tracklist: Blurred Line #1 “I was made for each other/And I wanted this for me” Blurred line #2 “My eyes bleed/The tears are on my face” Blur Line #3 “I know that I am/But it’s like a dream” Blurring line #4 “The lines are the only thing I know/And it feels like I can see them/ I can taste them/But I don’t have words to say them” Blured Line #5 “I feel like everything is so black” Blued Line #6 “I think that I’m not real/ I know that you’re the only one” Blud Line #7 “But you still love me and I love you” Bled Line #8 “I am not real and you’re not real” Blurt Line #9 “I wish that you were/And you were my friend/And we were never going to go to the mall/ And I was never going out with you” I Love You, Beyoncé: “Everything is so dark” (song title) BlurredLine #1″I am so black!/I know how to put words in/I am black!/That’s the way I feel/I have the right words to explain it” (In the first chorus, “Everything that you do is so real” “Everything I know is the right thing to say to you”) “I hate it when you’re like ‘Don’t tell me/It’s too dark/Don’t say it because it makes you feel bad’/ But you’re right, it’s too black/ And the lines are all over you/ It feels so good” (Blurred Line 3 in the first bar, “Every word is a line”) “But that’s the only way I know how” (blurred line in the chorus, in the second bar, with the first two lines) “And I’m like, ‘I need you’/” (blurring line in chorus, first line) “But the lines in my head are so dark, so dark that I feel bad” “And the only words that I have are the lines that I’ve written and recorded for this song” “You make me feel so good/I swear to