The Wedding Singer’s Kim Ji Young said she was heartbroken to announce that she will not be able to attend her fiancee’s upcoming wedding due to a heart condition.

She shared the news on her Instagram account, saying she was feeling “very weak” after having a heart attack and having surgery.

“I feel like I’m going to die.

I’m not able to have another wedding,” Kim said.

Kim, 37, is a three-time award-winning singer and has performed with several top-selling music acts, including Super Junior and MBC.

The singer was reportedly diagnosed with a rare genetic condition known as an autosomal recessive condition in March.

Her manager said Kim’s condition is related to her genetic condition.

Kim has been working with her mother Kim Joo Jin for the past five years.

Kim was married to her husband Kang Yoo Jin, a popular music industry veteran, in February 2016.

She was originally scheduled to marry his long-time friend, actor Jang Seung Wook, but the marriage was scrapped after she was diagnosed with an autosomatic recessive gene condition.

In May, Kim posted on Instagram that she is currently undergoing treatment for the same condition, and that she feels “like I’m never going to be able the same wedding again.”

She said her doctors are “very optimistic” about her recovery.

The wedding singer’s husband was not able at the time to attend.

She has also been in a wheelchair since her surgery, which was scheduled to be performed in April, but her manager said she is still undergoing treatment.

Kim’s mother Kim Ji Yong shared her thoughts on Kim’s situation on Instagram.

Kim is the wife of the popular K-Pop singer Kang Yoon Kyung.

She is also a singer-songwriter.