Gwen Shire’s first full album in 10 years, My Love, My Life is a Living Legend, debuted at No.2 on the Australian Billboard 200 in April and is now a best-selling album.

Gwen’s album also won her a record deal with Columbia Records.

“I’m happy for the success of this record, because it’s not a big album, but it’s something that’s very important for my career,” Ms Shire told ABC Radio’s RN Breakfast.

“If I can give people something that I think is important to me, it’ll be very helpful.”

Gwen Shires careerGwen is the daughter of actor Gary Cole and actress Rita Ora.

Her mother is a professional stage and screen actress and her father is a producer, producer, actor and director.

Geezer Butler, her agent, said she would be a “huge asset” for Ms Shires upcoming film, My Place, about the life of a young Aboriginal man who was killed in a fire.

“Gwen has a passion for film and television and she’s always been a fan of the music,” Mr Butler said.

Gees’ next album, I Need the Music, is due out later this year.

“She’s definitely a big fan of music and that’s what she will do with this album, which is very much in the vein of what she does on My Place,” he said.

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