Cranberries singer and crooner,canned food singer,singer,sang street,street singer,street star article AUSTRALIA’s favourite Cranberries band, the Cranberries, are set to release their new album, Canned Food, on October 25.

The Australian Hip Hop Group, the group behind the record, said in a statement the album will be released through their label, Hopsound, and through Bandcamp.

Cranberries’ first album was released in 2016.

Canned Food is the band’s third studio album and their first for Hopsounds label.

The band are known for their dark, hard rock music and are known to be vocal about the dangers of alcohol and drug use.

Cannabis is also a major topic on the record and the band said on their website the song ‘Aussie’s Choice’ was written specifically for the album.

The band, who released their debut album, The Great Aussie Dream in 2018, released their third album, Can’t You See It, in 2018.