Avery singer Avey Tare’s reps say they are in talks to star in a comedy film, Variety has confirmed.

The film would be directed by Tare and written by T.J. Miller and Ryan Fleck.

The project is set to premiere in 2019.

Tare will reprise his role as Avery, a former professional baseball player who has since become an outspoken social media advocate.

TARE has worked on a number of films since retiring from baseball, including “I Am A Celebrity: First Love” and the 2017 “Misfit” reboot.

The pair have a long and storied relationship, dating back to when Tare was the voice of Avery in “Avery.”

The film will reportedly be written by Miller and Fleck, with Miller directing from a script by Tear.

The studio is also said to be working on a new “Away with Avery” series for HBO, according to Variety.

“Malfits” is produced by Miller, Michael Green and Justin Ross.

Miller will also star in the upcoming “The Longest Yard” film, which also stars Tare.

The two projects are set to release on HBO in 2019, Variety reports.