More than a million people have visited a new ‘pumped-up’ pumpkin patch in north Kerry.

Key points:The new ‘Pumpkin Patch’ has attracted more than amillion visitors over the past yearThe patch, located in an agricultural area of the north of the county, has attracted up to 50,000 visitors each dayThis year the new patch has attracted 50,003 peopleThe Irish Times reports that visitors have been seen enjoying the warm weather in the area, as well as enjoying the festive atmosphere and the fact the patch has been set up as a ‘pumping station’ for the growing of pumpkins.

The patch is located on an agricultural land, which means it is not currently open to the public.

The new pumpkin patch is also home to a local nursery, with over 30,000 pumpkins planted over the years.

This year, the patch is attracting up to half a million visitors each month.

The number of visitors to the area has increased by around 10 per cent this year compared to last year, with up to five million people visiting the area in a single day.

The area is also popular with motorcyclists.

More than 50,900 motorcycles have visited the patch in the past month, which is up from 44,000 in the same period last year.

This comes after the new ‘patches’ was put in place last summer.

This is part of the Government’s push to attract more people to the region, particularly to rural areas, which are often hard to reach by road.

The first patch was set up in July and the rest are planned to be completed by the end of 2018.