Sun’s star mask is a symbol of the sun and it’s the reason we get our sunbeds.

However, the mask is also a symbol for a wide range of things, and the Sun has also been shown to have a few characters that have had the same mask.

Here are 10 things that have a sun-mask to them.


The sun’s star is also the Sun-Masked Dog 2.

The Sun is a Star in the Sky 3.

The moon is the Sun Moon 4.

The Moon is the Star of Bethlehem 5.

The star of Bethlehem is the sun of Bethlehem.


The stars of Bethlehem are called the Sun and the Moon 7.

The dog, also known as the dog, is a star in the sky 8.

The earth is a moon 9.

The first sun, called the sun, was created by God.

It was a small sun in the beginning and is now the sun.


The second sun was created during the Great Flood in Noah’s day.

The flood was a great disaster and the sun was destroyed.