By NPR News, Marcy Rochon, and Matt ApuzzoThe story of the “Lion King” song and its storytellers has taken on a life of its own over the years.

The song was created by Oscar-winning composer Peter Newell, and his son, Simon Newell (who plays King Louie), recorded it.

Now, as the film’s 20th anniversary approaches, we’re revisiting the story of that film with the help of the film and songwriters.

Here are five ways you can hear “The Lion Heart” without hearing the song.


If you’re not old enough to hear the movie, you’re still old enough for the film.

It’s been recorded in both English and Portuguese.

Listen to it at a movie theater, or listen online on Spotify.


You can listen to the song online.

This week, NPR has been streaming the film to its listeners through the app SoundCloud.

There, you can stream it to your phone or tablet for offline listening.

You may have to scroll down a bit to access the lyrics and subtitles.


You’ll still get a few lines that aren’t in the film but are still there.

If the lyrics are hard to understand, you may want to skip ahead a bit.

Listen for those phrases like “You know how to sing,” “I feel like a lion, you know how you feel,” or “You are my lion, my king.”

You’ll also hear phrases like, “You’re my king, my lion.”


The film has the song’s original lyrics.

If, like me, you don’t want to hear them in English, you’ll have to listen to a few versions of the song in both Portuguese and English.

That’s why I love using the Spotify app, which streams both versions.


You won’t be alone.

The original lyrics are also in English.

The lyrics in the Portuguese version of the movie are from a different song called “Bolívar,” which is an instrumental version of “Ludmila,” the song the movie’s main characters sing.

It is the song that was used in the trailer for the movie.

The subtitles are also different in the two versions.

Listen in both versions, or choose one of them and you’ll be able to hear lyrics in both languages.

“The lion heart” is the title of the story in the Lion King.

It was written by the late Oscar-winner Peter Newland, and was written about the time when his father, who is also a composer, was living in Africa.

Newell’s son Simon New, who plays King Louis, wrote the lyrics.

Simon Newells son, Leo, recorded the song, which has a different arrangement in both the English and the Portuguese versions.

And now, Simon has released the song for the first time online.

You’ve got the song at your fingertips, online, and you can listen without the words.