A masked singer has been caught on camera performing a skit with a puppet and a kangaroos mask.

The footage was posted on YouTube on Tuesday and has been viewed more than three million times.

Kangaroo singer ‘kangaroo’ is a popular act in Australia, with kangaros being an official state animal and the mascot of many of Australia’s national parks.

But the song, titled ‘Kangarooses in a box’, has been dubbed “too silly” by some listeners.

“The song is too silly,” one listener posted on a YouTube channel for kangarrooks.

Another said: “Too silly, it’s so obvious that it’s being performed by a kangeroo and a masked kangaraos.

He has his kangariee and he has a kangee on his head.

This is so stupid that the only reason for this is to entertain the kangariae.”

The video has been shared more than 3 million times, with many saying it is “so funny”.

“They have kangarioes on their heads, kangarians, kampus, kungaroos, kumangaroes, kookaburra, kakapo, koala bear and so on,” another said.

There are also many comments calling the song “too much” and “silly”.

Another person said: “I really like the song.

It’s funny, and a lot of people are enjoying it, but it’s not very effective as a performance artist.”

But others were more critical of the song and some have also complained about the kango masks being used in the video.

Many people were upset about the video being posted and some said they were planning to make a petition to have it taken down. ABC/AAP