A group of teenage girls in Australia has created a meme of a female singer singing a meme.

The group, which is known as the Fizz Fizz, has also been uploading memes featuring celebrities and memes of animals.

They have also been posting videos of themselves singing and doing their thing.

“We like to do a lot of singing, we’re a band,” singer and group member Denise Williams told the ABC.

“It’s kind of a big trend in Australia, and I think it’s really exciting.”

Ms Williams told ABC News the meme started when the girls started to sing and do their thing in the car.

“They’d get in the vehicle and start to sing like, really funny and funny, and they would sing like that and do the dance,” she said.

“But it was also the car, the girls are really into the car.”

Ms Williamson said the girls had also been sharing their singing memes on Instagram and Facebook.

“You’ll see them [in the videos] doing some really fun things, doing the dances, and the singing.”

Ms Willson said they had also recently uploaded videos to YouTube.

“The thing that I think is so cool about it is the amount of people who are really interested in the singing, they’re just loving it,” she told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“There’s a lot more people doing it than just us, and it’s actually so exciting for us.”

The FizzFizz has been posting memes of celebrities and animals in their videos.

Photo: YouTube/FizzFizzleThe group also uploaded videos of their dancing and singing on their social media accounts.

“I think it was very fun to be involved with, I was so happy to be part of it,” Ms Williams said.

The FizzleFizzle have also recently posted videos of them doing their own singing in the studio.

Ms Williams added they had been doing their part to help out the environment by singing the ‘fizz’ as a song.

“What we’re trying to do is give back to the environment, so we’re doing our part to make it more green and eco-friendly,” she explained.

“And also we’re just trying to help the kids to get out of the car and just do it for themselves.”