A lot of iPhone users have been reporting problems with the “chicken wings” in the iOS 10 software update.

The problem, which was first spotted by AppleInsider, is that the “wings” will not work with apps that use a “chickens eye” as an overlay for photos, videos or other content.

According to a post by iPhone and iPod owner Betty Davis on the App Store’s forum, the problem can be resolved with a software update to iOS 10.1.2 that is now available to download.

The update, which can be downloaded for free from the Apple Store, fixes the issue by clearing any existing “chicks eye” overlays.

The workaround is also available in the “app store” section of the Settings app.

While iOS 10, iOS 10’s next major update, is expected to be rolled out in the coming weeks, many users have expressed their frustration with the issue on Twitter and Facebook.