As the popularity of Twitter grows, many people are turning to the social network to communicate with their friends and family.

But how do you create a truly authentic Twitter account?

If you want to have a genuine account, you need to know what you’re signing up for, and what you can expect.1.

Sign up for a free accountIf you don’t have a paid account, sign up for one now.

Twitter has a free service, and you can sign up in just two clicks.

Twitter allows you to set up a free Twitter account with a single click.

The service will also ask you a series of questions to ensure you have the best possible account.

If you don, you can get a free trial account for a limited time.2.

Select your voiceWhen signing up, you’ll need to choose your voice to play the part of your Twitter avatar.

If your avatar’s voice is not your own, the service will ask for your voice.

If you do choose to have your voice voice chosen, it can be difficult to change it later.

You can also opt not to have it chosen.

You can change your voice by tapping the voice option in the “I” menu, but if you don-t have an account yet, it’s best to wait until you’re logged in.3.

Create your Twitter profileYou can also create a Twitter profile, or a page on the social networking site where you can post your photos and videos.

This will allow you to show off your photos to followers and friends, and to send them your messages.

You’ll need an account in order to create your profile, so make sure to sign up and then create an account, as well as creating a page.4.

Create a tweetA tweet is a short video posted by your avatar, or by a Twitter account you have created.

It’s a quick way of expressing your thoughts, opinions and other ideas to your followers.

You don’t need to be a regular person to use Twitter to post a tweet.

You could also post a short story, a video, a photo or even a poem.

The simplest way to tweet is with a hashtag, a short phrase that you’ll use to describe what you just said.

Twitter will ask you to choose between three hashtags, #snowfall, #wedding, and #celebrity.

You will also be asked for your own hashtag, which you can choose from the dropdown menu on your account.

A few of the popular hashtags you can use include:#snow#weddings#celebrities#celebrities#celebrateyourweddashome#welcomethecelebrastisis#celebertyfanssource Business Insider/YouTubeIt’s best not to use the same hashtag more than once, but you can change it as you please.5.

Reply to peopleYou can reply to a tweet by simply clicking on the “Reply” button, which appears on the top right of the screen.

You’ll then be given a choice to choose the person who sent the tweet.

You also have the option to reply to someone on Twitter.

You don’t always have to reply, though, as you can always mute a user or send them a private message.

If a user doesn’t respond to your message within 30 minutes, you may be able to reach out to them.

You also can mute or block someone from your timeline if they’ve previously messaged you in a way you don:This feature isn’t available for everyone, so be aware of the potential pitfalls.