Jazz singer and singer/songwriter Chris Martin is having a blast on stage.

And when it comes to singing and playing his own music, he’s got a lot of talent to prove.

His latest song, “Songs of the Heart,” is a very strong performance.

Here are five reasons why.1.

The song isn’t over the top.

Martin is not a big loudmouth, and his lyrics don’t go overboard.

But when he sings “I’m not scared of a black man,” he makes a powerful statement.

This is his song about race relations.

Martin says he’s not trying to be mean.

He’s just saying what’s on his mind.

He also points out that the lyrics aren’t about how much he hates the person or person of color, but rather the idea of race.

It’s the kind of message that resonates.2.

The lyrics are funny.

The “Sons of the Road” singer is a fan of humor and sometimes takes himself too seriously.

In the song, he talks about the people he knows in the music industry, like Jimmy Fallon, who is white.

“There’s not a soul in the world that’s as good at it as Jimmy Fallon,” Martin said.

He adds that he also likes how Fallon makes fun of his black friend.

“He’s like, ‘What are you going to do when I tell you to get your shit together?'” he said.

“Like, ‘I’m going to give you a blow job?'”

Martin is a member of the Harlem Jazz Orchestra.

He is also a certified professional singer and dancer.

The Harlem Jazz Club is one of the oldest jazz clubs in the United States, and Martin’s new song, called “Sings with a Black Voice,” is his first official concert with the club.3.

Martin has a great voice.

Martin plays a variety of instruments, including the trumpet, bass clarinet, and saxophone.

He plays a lot on stage, but he is not afraid to throw in a few of his own songs, as well.

“My mom’s the only person who knows how to play a trumpet,” he said about how he learned to play his own instrument.

“I used to play with a little girl.

And she would play the trumpet.

And then she would say, ‘Dad, when is your next show?’

And I would say like, seven minutes before, and she’d be like, [sings], ‘You can’t hear me.

You’re too far ahead of me.

When asked about how his singing has changed over the years, he said, “I feel like I’m singing more often.” “

He also has a good singing voice.

When asked about how his singing has changed over the years, he said, “I feel like I’m singing more often.”

And he added, “It’s not just for me.

My friends love it.

“Martin is also an accomplished musician, and he has performed on the Broadway stage, in Chicago and at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

His performances have also been recorded and are available for purchase on YouTube.4.

He has a unique style.

The singer-songwriter has a distinct style.

He sings from a different angle, and you can hear the difference in his voice.

He does not imitate the same singers he performs with, and instead is a bit different.

Martin sings like he’s trying to communicate something.

He doesn’t always try to imitate what others are doing.

For example, the Harlem musician who plays on his solo album is from Chicago, not Los Angeles.

Martin’s voice is very different than that.5.

“It doesn’t come naturally to you. “

When you have the power to do something, you have to try,” Martin told me.

“It doesn’t come naturally to you.

It just comes naturally.”