Miguel’s new song “The Last Mexican,” the follow-up to his “I’ll Die Alone” from his 2011 album “The Life You Deserve,” is a little different.

It’s not a big-band-style ballad, but it does feature the Mexican superstar singing with a very distinctive tone and voice.

The video, shot by Miguel himself, shows him singing along with the song.

“The last Mexican” has been the subject of a lot of controversy among fans, as it has been dubbed as a “gay song.”

The song was originally released as a single, and now has been renamed as a collaborative song, with the rapper sharing the lyrics.

The song was recorded in August in New York and New Jersey, and the rapper was in a band with other rappers, including “Bad Boy,” which also featured singer Miguel.

Miguel, who was in the studio on the song with the other rappers and had the backing of producers Bad Boy, will be featured on “The Real Story.”

“The real story,” which is currently in production, will feature Miguel as well as some other artists.

“It’s a little more honest, a little less pop,” Miguel said in a press release.

The rapper said he decided to go back to the source of the lyrics to “The ballad of last Mexican.”

“It was like, I know it’s gay, but why is it?

It was like the biggest pain I ever had in my life,” Miguel added.MIGUEL HAS BEEN ADAPTING TO LANGUAGE In his lyrics, Miguel says he has been struggling with his own identity since his father passed away, but that his father “taught me to be who I am.”

The Mexican rapper’s lyrics in the video show him reflecting on his own family’s struggles.

“When I look at my father and the way he was living, I see myself, and it’s hard for me to accept that I am the same person,” he says.

“I’m trying to make the best of it and to make my family happy.”