A new Kathy Jordan song has gone viral on YouTube after it went viral on Instagram and the “Stingrays” movie.

“Singing clipart” features a video of Jordan playing a recording of the new song “The Dreamer” on a guitar, which she plays while she sings.

The song features a piano solo by Jordan, which features a melody written by the late Michael Jackson, which has become a favorite of fans.

“The dreamer is one of the most amazing songs in my life and I’m very proud of it,” Jordan said.

“I just want people to have a song like that.”

“The DREAMER” is featured on the third season of “S.W.A.T.” as the show opens with the title, “The Sound of A Dream.”

The song, which premiered on the fifth season of the show, has been downloaded over 1 million times.

Jordan also released her new single “The Lighthouse” earlier this month.

The “Swingin’ for the Night” singer is scheduled to perform at the “The Starlight” festival on May 16.