A singer who sang at a Brisbane festival has spoken of her “heartbreak” and grief for her mother who passed.

Key points:The singer, who is known as Irene, has expressed her sadness at her mother’s passingShe said she was “overwhelmed” by the outpouring of supportShe said her mother was a “great person” who died “very unexpectedly”Ms Irene’s sister, Louise, said her sister had been a “very strong, loving person” with a strong faith and a strong love for music.

She said Ms Irene was devastated to hear her mother had died.

“She was a really good person.

She would go to the gym and do whatever she could to keep herself healthy.

She had been doing yoga and swimming since she was about 12,” she said.”

When she passed away she had such an amazing sense of humour and it just breaks my heart that she didn’t take more of it and just gave it to me.”

Ms Ireanne’s sister said she had a great sense of humor and was a strong, loveable person.

“I was devastated, but I think she was overwhelmed by the response,” Ms Ireanne said.”[Her mother] was a wonderful person and we always wanted to make music together.”

We never really wanted her to pass away but I’m very glad that she’s gone and I can see it being a huge impact on us.

“That was my mum and she was the most beautiful woman I have ever known and it’s sad that she had to go.”

If it was just me she would’ve been a very good person, she was so kind and I don’t know if I can express it enough.

“Ms Louise said she and her sister would be sending flowers to her mother in New South Wales.”

The best thing I can do is thank my mum for all her love and support,” she told news.com.au.”

It’s so sad because she was an incredible person.

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