On her first album, 2006’s The Ghost of a Broken Heart, singer gwen sang about losing a child.

But as her career blossomed, she decided to write songs about losing her own child.

“It’s been really hard,” she says.

“I was very, very angry about it.

And I’m very, extremely, very lucky that I had this amazing support system and my parents who are amazing people.

I’m lucky that they love me.

I don’t know how they got through it.”

The band has a new album called No One but Me, out next month.

For a band that has played the country-western, country-rock circuit, the focus is on country roots.

The songs, written by vocalist, singer and guitarist Daniele Cianci, are very country.

And the lyrics are often very personal.

The Ghost Of A Broken Heart was released in 2008, and was a hit, and its popularity propelled the band into national attention.

Ciancci says she doesn’t have any regrets about the record, which has sold over five million copies.

“The fact that it got such a good response, the fact that we’ve had to do this for so long, it’s a great record,” she said in a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine.

“If you listen to the record for any length of time, you’re going to feel it, and I can’t really say it’s my fault, because it is my fault that the record has been so successful and has been such a massive success.”

The Ghost And The Mirror: A Conversation With Gwen Stefani’s Mother, ‘Bridgette’ author,gwenstefani,author,gwnfani,tributes gwen,stefan author,author author,tribute author,stevan author source The Associated Press title Gwen: ‘It’s like having a big family’ author and author gwen stefan,author and author,writer,gwendys author,creator author,book author source Associated Press article Gwen’s mother, Bridgette, has written the new book Bridgett: My Mother, The Ghost, And The Mirrors.

The book is about her family and her father, Stevan, who died in 1997.

The family is a cross-section of British life, with their roots in the rural village of Dewsbury.

In the book, she writes about the family’s relationship to the land, and the challenges and joys that have come with being part of it.

Gwen wrote in an interview with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, “The people that I grew up with in Dewsham, who were the real backbone of my family, were the ones who helped me get where I was.

And that was very special to me, because they gave me a home, they made me feel that I was in the real world, and they were the people who would come and visit me at my hospital, when I was ill, and we’d go fishing or play guitar or play the clarinet or sing.”

In the memoir, she also writes about her father’s passion for hunting, and her love of birds and nature.

The author tells the story of her father catching his first bird, a beaked owl, and how it changed her life.

She says that he taught her about the importance of family and about the power of being able to support a family, and that she saw her father as a role model for her.

“As I grew older, I saw that my father’s love for the world and for his family, that made me believe that my love for family and my love of my parents were not just for me, that they were part of me,” she writes.

“And that they made my whole life better, and made me understand that my parents had so much more to give than I had ever imagined.”

The book, which she co-authored with her brother, John, was published by Simon & Schuster.

Gwendy and Bridgettedson also wrote the book Bratty and Blotty: Gwen And Stevan And The Story Of Their First Year In Love, published by HarperCollins.

Bridgettente and Gwen are now in the process of recording a new song called In Our Hands.

“We have a really wonderful band,” Gwen says.

She also said that she’s “so happy that we’re in a position to tell this story.”