By Katie GrinsteadByKatie GrinsteadThe Walking Dead’s “Walking dead” spinoff show is in production and has been filming in Brooklyn, according to the show’s executive producer.

“It’s like the show that could have been, and it’s going to be very different from the comics, and I think that’s the fun part,” Executive Producer and Co-Showrunner Todd Helbing told The Hollywood Reporter.

“The comics are very hard to come up with.

The Walking Dead is like a little bit of a mini-mixtape of comic books.

I think we’ll be able to capture that vibe in the show.”

Executive producer Scott M. Gimple has been busy behind the scenes of the show since the show premiered last summer.

He and his writing team have been on tour promoting the series.

The group also recently released the pilot for the spinoff and the network is set to pick up the series on October 25.

The Walking dead’s executive producers have been shooting the show for months.

It will have a focus on survival and the group has not set a date yet.

The show will be shot over two seasons.