As she prepares to open a major new tour with her former bandmates Pebbles, adele is already selling her new songs on Spotify.

The singer is also trying to build a new business off the success of her latest album, Adele: The Complete Collection.

It’s one of the biggest music tours of the year, with a sold-out run that began Friday in Las Vegas.

But, like all the tour stops, it’s a stop-gap measure that is set to last only until the end of next year.

The biggest obstacle in the way of a lucrative music career is the lack of a record deal.

That’s why the most successful artists get to keep a cut of the profits and the other artists have to pay their share.

Adele has been able to negotiate her own deals with the record labels, but there are still big obstacles.

There are record labels that want her to record her own songs, which is the most common way artists get paid.

Adeep’s songs are now the most popular music on Spotify, with about two million songs in the top 200, according to the company.

She has more than 1.5 million followers on Twitter.

The new song deal is her way of showing the world that she’s ready to be the big star, Adeeps CEO and co-founder, Andy Wood, told The Associated Press.

The company has also signed up other artists and signed with a music streaming service, which allows fans to stream the adele songs to their smartphones.

Adel’s new deal is part of her new tour, called “Adele: One Show.”

It’s being staged in Las.

Vegas, Los Angeles and Philadelphia, but it’s not clear whether the band will also play on the tour.

In addition to touring with her bandmates, she’s been promoting her latest book, “I Am The One,” in concert venues around the world.

Adelle Wood is seen onstage during the first day of the premiere of “I AM THE ONE” in New York, Dec. 4, 2017.

Adlens bandmates Adele and Pebble perform during the premiere at the TCA Winter 2017 Media Entertainment Summit on Jan. 3, 2018 in Beverly Hills, California.

Adilé and Adele Wood are on tour in 2017.

The tour has been a success so far, Wood said, because the tour was the best way for Adele to prove that she is a true star.

She was also hoping to use her tour as a stepping stone to a more serious project in her career.

She’s trying to do more live shows in a career that is still in its infancy.

Adele will release a new album, titled “Adventures In Style,” next month.

It will be released in the U.S. and Canada by Universal Music Group.

Adebayo’s album, “Lionheart,” is scheduled to hit stores in March 2018.

And then, there’s Adele’s new movie, “The Greatest Showman,” which will be shot in Los Angeles.

Adels first album, 2011’s “We Are The World,” came out in September 2016.