The word fox mask was used to describe the masked singer who performed at the Sydney Opera House last weekend.

The man in the mask, who was wearing a hoodie and a hat, stood out from the crowd in a way that made it hard to miss.

“I can’t believe I’m going to be a singer but it’s a big deal,” he said.

“My name is Alex Smith and I’m here to sing at the Opera House and I’ve got my own little group and I just wanna sing and sing.”

Smith’s group is called The Fox Mask.

He said the masks were his “secret weapon” and he’d used them to cover his face during shows.

“When you wear it you feel a little bit more comfortable,” he explained.

“It’s like you’re not being recognised at all.”

You can’t really tell what people are looking at you because they’re not wearing a mask.

“Smith said the mask had helped him become more comfortable at shows and that he wanted to make music in Australia again.”

There’s always people who are interested in doing a little more of a theatrical thing and I thought, ‘I’ll try and do something a bit more different’,” he said of his musical career.”

This mask just makes me feel more comfortable.