When you listen to the Pitbabies song Sing in Spanish, you might think the pitbulls name was a big one, but you’re wrong!

The Pitbulls song is an adorable song that has become such a popular one that many people sing it in spanias English.

The song was first recorded by Spanish DJ Andres Rodriguez in 2005, and the video was made in 2013.

A lot of people are singing the song in Spanish, but most people don’t know how to translate it into English.

Here are some tips on how to sing the song with your Pitbull friend: 1.

Don’t sing in Spanish.

Singing in Spanish is like singing in a language you don’t speak.

This song is not in Spanish and there is no translation.

Instead, you can listen to it on YouTube or Youtube subtitles, which means you can’t really understand the lyrics.


If you do speak Spanish, make sure you sing the Pitba song in a normal voice.

This will make the song easier to understand for Pitbull owners.


If your Pitbuddy is a big fan of the song, you should sing the video in Spanish as well.

If this doesn’t work, you could also add some Spanish subtitles to the video to make it more understandable for your Pitbrother.


If the Pitbrothers English is not perfect, you may want to try a translation from the Spanish version of the video, like this one: “Pitbull sing in Spain”