When Jellywad singer Jami Scott and her husband bought a house in the summer of 2015, they were expecting a big, shiny one.

And when they opened the door to the basement and saw Jellywads new bedroom, the couple was hooked.

The place was tiny: Scott’s mom had bought it for $300,000, and her boyfriend, James, had paid $150k.

They put a big screen TV in the corner, and Scott started singing like a star.

But as she got older, Scott noticed she was singing like she had no idea how to sing.

“We started asking questions and I started to realize how I had no clue how to do it,” Scott says.

“So I started going over and over and trying to figure it out.”

Now, Jellywade is on tour with a live band, and she and her bandmates are in their fourth year performing in arenas across the country.

Scott is a regular on television and has sold millions of records, but she has yet to break out in the charts.

She is now a big-name singer, but her biggest hits are songs about being young and alone.

Scott’s music is in her 20s, and the lyrics are dark and personal.

“I feel like I’m so much more than I am, but I know that,” she says.

She also wants to raise money to get a medical device that would allow her to sing like she did before, but it would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The singer says she’s not looking to make money off of her music.

She wants to keep her music a secret, which is why she’s staying in touch with her family.

“People see it as, ‘Oh, she’s a rock star,’ and that’s really not true,” Scott told Fortune.

“What I want people to understand is that I am a little different than other rock stars.

I am much more mature.

I feel like people are always trying to put a label on me and tell me what I’m supposed to do or who I am.”

Scott and James also started Jellywades own website and Facebook page to help raise money for the device.

They’ve already raised more than $150K.

But while Scott has sold more than a million records, her fans haven’t embraced her music, or the way she sings it.

“That’s kind of what has kept me up at night,” Scott tells Fortune.

Her fans don’t understand how she can sing like her songs are from a young age, and they don’t know how to feel about her.

“They don’t want to hear me sing like that,” Scott said.

“When I say I want to be a rockstar, they’re like, ‘Why?'”

Scott says she doesn’t have the money to pay for the medical device, but Scott says her band is doing it all on their own.

She and her family are hoping to raise enough money to cover the costs of the device, including a few hundred thousand dollars from the proceeds of the tour.

“The band is not asking for any money,” Scott explains.

“It’s all for us to support each other.

The band is our family.

We just want to make sure everyone has a place to stay.

We don’t need to be rich or famous.

We’re just happy to be here and we just want people like us to be happy.”

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