Alyssalena Milano, a vocal opponent of President Donald Trump, is taking heat over her comments to a conservative audience in which she described undocumented immigrants as rapists, criminals and a threat to America.

In a wide-ranging speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Wednesday, Milano took aim at Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her immigration policies, saying, “She doesn’t want to be a strong, strong America.

She wants to be an America where women are rapists, rapists, and criminals.”

She also made a passionate plea for Trump to be deported.

“If he is not a danger to our nation and he is a threat for our nation, I want him gone,” she said.

She is not America-only. “

She is an America-first person.

She is not America-only.

Milano’s remarks drew a swift backlash on social media. “

If you don’t want that, she will be president.”

Milano’s remarks drew a swift backlash on social media.

One woman wrote on Twitter, “Alyssa, you’re making me sick.

How many more times do you need to say it?

And I know I’m not alone.

I’m tired of hearing your pathetic words.”

Others responded to Milano on Twitter with more positive comments about Trump.

One woman, @MomsSisters_Cindy, tweeted, “I love @AlyssasMilano and will never forget her.

The best way I can say it is you were a wonderful role model and role model for so many moms.”

Milanos remarks were widely condemned by liberals and conservatives alike, with some calling her insensitive.

“This is exactly why people don’t like @Astra Milano,” tweeted former Vice President Joe Biden.

“They hate her for being a racist, misogynist, and xenophobic woman.”

The former president, who was also at CPAC, said that it was “unacceptable” for Milano to make the comments.

“To think that the same woman who made these comments, when she was a high school teacher, would have an idea that there is such a thing as an immigrant rape, that is unacceptable,” Biden said.

“The best way to respond to this is to find another way to say what you think about the President and what you believe about him,” Biden added.

Alyssalenna Milano attends the Conservative Leadership Conference in Washington, DC, January 17, 2021.

Alyssy Lippmann / AP fileMilano did not directly answer the criticism of her remarks at CPAP, but the former House speaker said she would be “taking a lot of heat” over the remarks.

“I know I am a racist.

I know that I have made racist comments.

I hate it.

I will take a lot more heat from people on both sides of the aisle and beyond for that.

But I will stand up and say I am the best.

I am just as qualified,” Milano said.

The remarks came amid a string of high-profile controversies involving Trump, who is also facing multiple investigations into his administration’s ties to Russia.

Trump and his administration have denied that the White House colluded with Russia to help him win the election.

The President has denied that any of his campaign staff colluded.

The former first lady has also faced criticism for speaking out about issues that matter to her husband.

Last month, she wrote in an op-ed for The New York Times that she “did not support Donald Trump” after he criticized her husband’s wife, Melania.

Milano, who made waves at CPAN earlier this year when she called for the cancellation of the Women’s March in Washington and later defended her comments by calling Trump “one of my heroes,” said she was “just speaking from my heart.”

“I have a deep love for my husband,” she told reporters on Wednesday.

“I have no agenda.

I just want to say, you know, I am really sorry for saying things that I think are offensive and hurtful.

I love my husband.

I would never do that.”

Milania’s comments come after a string in which Trump has expressed his disapproval of immigrants.

He called Mexican immigrants “rapists,” “criminals,” and a “threat to our country” in March, after a gunman shot and killed a Border Patrol agent.

In February, Trump said undocumented immigrants should not be allowed to vote, despite the fact that they are a minority group.

The president also tweeted in February that Mexican immigrants are criminals and rapists and that they should be deported immediately.

In March, Trump criticized a female protester during a rally for not having enough hair in her head.

In August, he accused the media of covering his rallies “like a hit-job job