The singer, singer-songwriter and bassist for the group Gorillaz has announced that she will no longer be singing live.

Gorillaz frontman Tyler, the Creator, announced that the singer will no long be performing live after a six-year relationship with singer and guitarist Owen Pallett.

“Tyler has decided that it is no longer a possibility for him to continue to sing live in the foreseeable future, and so he has decided to exit the Gorilláz live band,” Gorillavision’s co-founder, Tyler, wrote on Twitter.

Pallett and Tyler also announced that they will not be participating in the group’s upcoming tour, which starts next month in Toronto, Canada.

“We are all incredibly grateful to Owen Palletts family for allowing us to take a break from performing live, and we’re going to miss the music and the camaraderie,” Tyler said.GORILLAZ singer Tyler, along with the rest of the Gorilla Gang, have announced that Owen Pallette will not perform live.

The band’s tour, due to begin in February, is being postponed.

In December, Tyler announced that he had broken up with his longtime partner, singer and songwriter Owen Pallets wife, Kelli.