Posted December 08, 2017 05:16:26Tibet’s singing bowl has been crowned the world’s most popular bowl for the past five years, thanks to its popularity among Tibetan musicians and tourists.

The annual Tibetan Singing Bowl has hosted the competition since 2007, when it was first held.

The bowl was first opened for the competition in 2014, with the winners being selected from among the best in the world.

According to Tibetan media reports, the winning bowl was the one which was presented by the Chinese government in the capital, Beijing, on Wednesday.

The bowl’s grand prize of US$15,000 was also won by the winner, and the Tibetan singer Miguel Song.

The other two winners were the Chinese state-owned broadcaster CCTV, and a local television station, Tansu Broadcasting.

China has been a big backer of the Tibetan singing bowls and has funded the construction of several other temples and other facilities in the Tibetan areas of Tibet.

The Chinese government has also invested heavily in the development of the Tashir area of the Himalayan region, which includes the Tawang Monastery.

The Tashirs, which are believed to be the oldest Buddhist shrines in the region, are also revered as the birthplace of the Dalai Lama.

Tibets spiritual leader, the Dalai Lamas spiritual leader the Dalai-Lama Lama has visited China at least 30 times in the last 10 years, including two visits in 2017.