JEREMY RUCKER has been a singer since he was just a kid.

In fact, the singer’s roots are in the city of Atlanta, Georgia, where he grew up.

He moved to Los Angeles in the mid-1990s, but quickly began to develop a distinct sound.

“I remember being on a bus with my dad,” Rucker says.

“We were going to the airport and there was this big, big car that was stuck in traffic.

I got out of the car and started to sing this song that I thought was really funny and I was trying to get everyone to like it, and it was a hit.

And then it was like, ‘Oh my God!

You’re going to be the next song to do the world a favor!’

I was just in awe of that.

That was the moment when I decided to go to the University of Georgia and try to make my way in the music industry.”

While he was still in high school, Rucker attended Georgia State University in Athens, where a group of aspiring young rappers started up.

They became known as The Roots.

They made their debut on MTV’s The Rundown with Killa Blanco in 2000.

The Roots have continued to perform throughout the years, but their sound is different now, with Rucker’s vocals becoming more pop.

“Now that I’m older, I’ve gotten to know this record, and I just feel like, It’s going to sound better than ever,” Ruckersays.

“You hear it now, and you hear it right now, it’s just that the sound is a little more pop and a little different.”

Rucker has made a name for himself as a singer and songwriter, but he’s not only making music for his own personal enjoyment.

He’s also releasing music for others.

His latest project is the “R&b & Pop” album, a collection of songs that he’s composed over the last several years.

Rucker is one of a growing number of artists to embrace the indie rock sound that is gaining popularity, and he’s doing so at a time when other artists are embracing the rap scene.

“Rucker has really taken it upon himself to make music that’s really independent,” says fellow Atlanta rapper Mika McBride.

“He’s definitely taking a little bit of the rap game and going, ‘We’re not trying to do this, we’re not making a record that’s going into radio stations, we don’t want to do any of that stuff.

We want to create music that we’re going, You know, we’ll play it for ourselves, and we’ll do it with friends.’

I think that’s kind of what I think the music is really about, because it’s not just about a hit.”

The Roots’ first single, “Macho Man,” was released in 2017 and debuted at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The album, which includes collaborations with Drake, Wiz Khalifa, J. Cole, and many more, will be available on April 30.

For more from the rapper, check out his first full-length album, The R&B Album, and his new EP, The Roots: The Future.