Cady and Wendy Groves are a couple of talented musicians with a big talent for songwriting.

But it wasn’t always that way.

The two musicians were born in Chicago and raised in Minnesota.

Cady is a soloist in a jazz band and Wendy is a singer/songwriter with a strong voice.

The couple met in Chicago in 1991, when Wendy was on a tour and Cady was taking her daughter to see the movies.

Cacy remembers the first time she met Wendy.

She had been to the movies at the Lincoln Center, where she was in her twenties.

Wendy was dressed in a black sweater and a blue dress.

They started talking about the movies and about the music, and they became good friends.

Wendy’s favorite song was “Falling in Love.”

Cady remembers thinking that Wendy was really cute and cute was the word that came to mind when Wendy introduced her to Wendy Grooves.

Caderys daughter was 4 years old when Wendy first started working with her.

Caddy says that Wendy had a very sweet and caring personality.

“She was a great singer and I remember listening to her songs all the time, and that she sang the best songs that I could imagine,” she said.

Wendy started to sing at home when she was 4, but the couple went on tour together.

Wendy says that Cady has always loved music, especially jazz.

“I always liked jazz and the songs she sang were always beautiful, and she was always so kind to us.

It was really important to her that we all get along and that we had a good time.

Wendy would always sing ‘I love you’ when we were out and about, and I always thought that was a very nice song.”

In 1993, Wendy Grovers family moved to California.

Wendy grew up with Cady.

Wendy said that Cadys musical style was very musical.

Wendy always had the songs in her head, and Cadies was very creative.

“When I was younger I didn’t really have any musical background.

I didn: I was a songwriter, a composer and I was really into music, so I was always very happy to get out there and just write songs.

I was able to play the piano a lot,” Wendy Grover said.

“As I got older, I started to develop my own style.

I developed my own musical tastes, and my own sound and my sound was very different from Wendy’s.

I grew up listening to a lot of classical music, particularly the symphony, so when I started working as a composer, I found it really nice to have a voice and to be able to write music.

It really brought out a whole new side of me that I really loved.

I loved it when I wrote for the screen and then when I was performing.”

Wendy says that when she started working in Hollywood, Cady was always the first person to tell her she was talented.

Wendy remembers that when Cady went on a solo tour, Caddy had to come along and sing.

Wendy had the idea of a song that was about her and her band that she had written.

Wendy got the idea for the song when she saw Cady on a video with her band.

“That’s when I said, ‘You know, I’ve got this idea for a song about Wendy and her friends,'” Wendy said.

When Wendy began working with Cad, she says that she could feel that Caddy was an incredible artist.

“I felt that Wendy and I were like two peas in a pod,” Wendy said, “and when Wendy and Caddy started working together, it was like two separate worlds.

He was a fantastic musician, and he was a good friend to Wendy. “

We’d always talk about music and Cadaver was the perfect singer.

And Wendy was so talented, and Wendy knew how much she wanted to sing. “

When Cady wrote that song, she was so expressive and she knew how to write so well.

And Wendy was so talented, and Wendy knew how much she wanted to sing.

I think Wendy knew that Cadery was going to sing and she sang.

I just loved Caderos song.”

Welch says that at first Cader was so shy that she was really shy.

But when Wendy asked her to sing, she started singing.

“Wendys music has always been her voice, and this was her first time singing,” Wendy says.

Wendy and Wendy also met on stage when Wendy wrote a song called “Bold and Beautiful.”

Wendy wrote that she felt that Cada was a singer who could sing really well.

Wendy is still writing songs that have a musical theme.

“She really loves music and she sings really well,” Wendy explained.

“It was so easy to find a tune that would fit with her style of singing.

She is such a sweet person and