Posted February 06, 2018 06:31:00 While the Australian music industry continues to thrive, its still not as lucrative as some other parts of the world.

The country is ranked 24th on the list of music revenues in 2016, and it is still not making enough money to pay the bills for artists.

With the rise of digital music, and even streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, there is a new wave of artists coming out of the music industry who have the ability to break into the world of music.

That’s what singer songwriter Denise Williams is trying to change, and the new album, The Story of a Song, is part of her mission.

Williams, whose real name is Denise Williams, is a member of the Australian band The Cranberries.

She has been a member for over 20 years, and was the lead singer in their 1996 debut album, In The Heart Of The World.

The album was an instant success, and helped pave the way for the band to become the biggest-selling Australian band of all time.

Williams is currently working on her third album, which is titled The Story Of A Song, and her first collaboration with the singer, which she described as “the most important song in my life.”

The story of a song The Story starts out with a simple but catchy song, and continues with a lot of back-and-forth between Williams and the singer.

Williams explained to Ars Technic that she and the songwriter had never really spoken before, but that they really enjoyed working together.

“She’s been in the business for so long, and I have never really had a chance to really interact with her in a way that was like, ‘This is what it’s like to be her,'” Williams said.

“But, for her, I think it’s really fun to listen to and listen to her.

I feel like that’s the point of her song, because it’s kind of like a song about a life-changing event.

The idea of it being a song is like, this is what’s going to change your life.”

“The Story of A Song” is actually a short story, Williams explained.

“It’s a story that I had been writing for the last few years, a lot about my life, and about life-threatening things that I was doing in the industry and that I wanted to get out about and tell the story about,” she said.

Williams has a history of writing about her experiences in the music business, and she said that she had to go through some personal turmoil in her career to write the song.

“The story is kind of about being in the dark, trying to hide things, trying not to get involved in any of it, trying in my mind to not be part of it,” she told Ars Technico.

“I had to put a lot on hold, because I was dealing with this thing called domestic violence and I was kind of being an asshole, and then I had to have a crisis with my kids, and so it was a very difficult situation to write a song for.”

Williams said that the story of the song is a personal story, and not necessarily a commercial one.

“A song is supposed to be a story,” Williams said, adding that she wanted to create something that people could relate to and enjoy.

“You know, this story that you have to write, because we don’t know how many songs there are out there and there’s this thing that you don’t want to be part in, or not get involved with.

But it’s a lot to do with, like, your personal life, or your relationships, or just a really personal story.”

Williams told Ars that the song was about the “bad, dark times” she had experienced in her life.

“When you’re dealing with people in your life who have been through so much that’s kind, it’s not a pleasant time,” she explained.

Williams also told Ars about the song’s story structure.

“We have this really, really simple, slow song that’s really not that complicated, and that’s just kind of a story about me and my relationship with my family, and kind of how it was,” Williams told us.

“And it’s so important, because a lot people don’t think about it, but a lot families go through a really hard time.

And you know, it affects your children, and your husband, and all of the rest of your family.

And it affects you as a parent, and as a person.

So it really is that, really, simple.

And then we’ve got this really slow song, where we’re doing a lot more back and forth and the lyrics are really dark, and we’re having a lot conversations with the characters, and there are moments of the story where it’s dark and funny and sad.

And the characters are just very