How to make the best songwriter?

A study has found that you need to be able to play the guitar, sing and write in order to be one of the greatest songwriters of all time. 

A study by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RSPCA) has found a “general tendency for younger people” to write better songs. 

Researchers from the Royal College of Music (RCMP) and the University of Liverpool analysed data from more than 25,000 songs published in the British Library between 1947 and 2013.

They concluded that younger people were more likely to have a “genuinely distinctive voice”, had better communication skills, and were more inclined to “think in terms of musical forms”.

They also found that, as a result of this, songs written by older people tended to have lower numbers of syllables, have fewer harmonic structures, and contain more “rhythmic and melodic” sounds.

The researchers suggested that this may be due to the “lack of a direct link between the vocal technique and the ability to play a guitar”.

The findings were published in a special issue of the journal Music.

The RSPCA has previously released research on the subject.

The Royal College said: “The research does not suggest that the use of acoustic guitar in songs has a significant effect on a singer’s musical ability.”

However, the results suggest that younger listeners, and those who do not have a musical background, may be less likely to write songs with distinctive, expressive chords or rhythms.

“It added that this could be due, in part, to the lack of a “direct link between songwriting and a person’s musical skill”.

The Royal College also stressed that its research was “not designed to endorse any specific method of singing”.

The study, which is published in Music Perception, found that those aged 18 to 44, as well as those aged 45 to 54, were more interested in the guitar than those aged 55 and over.

In contrast, those aged 15 to 17 were more keen to write and perform music, compared with those aged between 20 and 24.

The study found that the most successful songwriters were those who had “a genuine musical talent”.

The authors of the report suggested that, for younger writers, singing may be “the most effective means of communicating a message” to listeners.”

We know that older singers are often less adept at conveying emotion, so it may be that a young writer can still deliver a more emotional message if he or she sings in a more straightforward manner,” they wrote.”

As for young singers, it may also be that their ability to express emotion, and their ability not to be intimidated by the need to ‘pull off the curtain’ of a song, is the greatest strength.