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Which song should we sing?

What song is the most popular song in the United States?There are many factors that influence which songs get the most play on the radio and radio-enabled apps.Popular songs can be based on the popularity of other songs, such as how popular the artist is or the type of song the person wants to hear, […]

Why are you singing ‘singing’ memes?

A group of teenage girls in Australia has created a meme of a female singer singing a meme.The group, which is known as the Fizz Fizz, has also been uploading memes featuring celebrities and memes of animals.They have also been posting videos of themselves singing and doing their thing.“We like to do a lot of […]

Why I Love ‘Black Panther’

By Michael SnyderThe first time I saw “Black Panther” was on my high school campus in the spring of 2014.In that moment, the film had just begun to play in theaters.The film, a Marvel adaptation of the comic book series by writer Stan Lee, was the first of many Marvel films to explore the struggle […]

How to get your music noticed: Here are some tips

By now, you’ve probably heard that it’s easy to make money off of social media.But is it really that easy?The fact that people are willing to pay for your music means you could have an entire industry based around your work.You could be writing, performing, recording, or editing music.But who gets paid?How much is enough?How […]

What are you up to? – Singer featherweight

Featherweight boxer Featherweight star Featherweight champion Featherweight fighter Featherweight contender Featherweight world champion Featherlightweight champion featherweight world heavyweight champion featherlightweight world featherweight champion champion feather light heavyweight featherweight featherweight light heavyweight champion light heavyweight lightweight featherweight lightweight feather heavyweight feather heavyweight champion Light heavyweight feather heavyweight feather heavyweight lightweight champion feather heavyweight light heavyweight heavyweight […]

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